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Codeine and pregnancy

When a woman is expecting, her decision to buy Codeine online without prescription depends on some factors like the amount of prescribed dose of the drug being taken, what trimester the woman is in during her pregnancy period and whether the drug has been misused or abused. Studies show that how the intake of the medication during the first trimester of pregnancy period may lead to the increase in the likelihood of occurrence of heart defects in the unborn child and slightly increases the chance of occurrence of cleft lip and spina bifida like congenital disabilities. Therefore, it is essential that the decision to buy Codeine online depends on the amount of the drug being taken by the woman, especially during the first 12 weeks of the development of the fetus.

Reasons for taking Codeine

People buy Generic Codeine online for the treatment of a person’s pain and to suppress cough in children and elders. It is believed that the drug works helps a person in relieving themselves from pain because it travels to the central nervous system (CNS) part of the person indulging in the drug and changes itself to morphine while binding itself to the opioid receptors. When this happens, the CNS changes the way the body responds to the pain being experienced by a person.

Can Codeine also be a sedative?

The drug Codeine is an opioid drug prescribed to treat a person’s pain and also to suppress cough. If people buy Codeine, it can not only be prescribed for pain relief but also as a kind of sedative, especially when taken in quantity more massive than the prescribed.

What are the effects of indulging in the intake of Codeine with liquor?
We already told you that when people buy Codeine, they take it for the treatment of their pain. However, the drug should not be taken while consuming alcohol simultaneously as both are central nervous system (CNS) depressant. Thus motor coordination that is heavily required in driving a vehicle or operating machinery may get heavily influenced by the combination of the intake of the drug and liquor. That’s why it is essential to know everything about the drug before you buy Codeine and always make sure that you buy the drug from an online pharmacy which will be able to provide you with a prescription. This prescription will help you in proper intake of the medication along with assisting you in case of a medical emergency.