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Codeine 300/30mg


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What is acetaminophen 300/30mg in combination with Codeine?

The combination of acetaminophen 300/30mg and Codeine is a painkiller prescribed to treat different types of pain. The kind of pain may include headache and migraine. If you buy acetaminophen and Codeine 300/30mg online, you must know that the combination contains two ingredients – acetaminophen 300/30mg and codeine. These work to relieve pain by different actions. The mixture is usually taken for pain when acetaminophen 300/30mg alone is not sufficient.

What are the other names of the drug Codeine?

Usually, there are two kinds of names by which a drug is known – generic and brand. The generic name refers to the chemical composition of the drug. Whereas brand name is the name by which the drug is sold or by the name of which it is popular. Same is the case with the drug Codeine. Because most people prefer to buy Codeine from an online pharmacy. It is prescribed to treat pain, like cough medicine, and for diarrhea. Therefore the following are the names by which the drug is known under the generic and brand name category

Generic name

  • Aspirin and codeine
  • Ibuprofen and codeine
  • Acetaminophen 300/30mg and codeine
  • Acetaminophen 300/30mg, codeine and doxylamine

Brand name

  • Aspalgin, coral cold & flu original
  • Nurofen plus
  • Panadeine forte and Panamax co
  • Mersyndol and Mersyndol forte, Panalgesic

In case you want to buy acetaminophen and Codeine 300/30mg online, you must make sure that you buy the combination from an online pharmacy which can provide with a prescription.

Effects of Codeine

Before you decide to buy Codeine from an online pharmacy, you should know that there is no safe level of drug intake. Intake of any drug carries some risk – even medications can produce unwarranted side effects. It is essential to be careful while taking any medicine.

The Codeine side effects affect everyone differently based on the following factors:-

  • The person’s size, body weight, and medical history
  • Whether the person is used of its intake or not
  • Whether the person takes or has taken any other drug around the same time
  • The amount of prescribed dose of the drug taken by the person

That’s why if you buy acetaminophen and Codeine 300/30mg online, make sure that you buy the combination from an online pharmacy which can provide with a prescription. This prescription will only help you in taking the drug in the right manner but will also help you if you face a medical emergency or occurrence of side effects. Other than that, the prescription will also give you reliable information about the drug including why the drug is not meant to be prescribed to a few people. Therefore, before you buy the combination, make sure you know everything about the two drugs and what they can do in conjunction. However, if you are not willing to do all this to save time and money, make sure that you prepare yourself for facing the dangerous consequences of taking the drug.


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