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Oxycontin OC 5mg


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What is OxyContin OC 5mg?

Before you decide to buy OxyContin OC online, know everything about the medicine. Oxycontin OC 5mg is an opioid painkiller and is taken to suppress a cough. However, most patients choose to buy medicine without a prescription from an online pharmacy to save their time and money. This not only leads to the occurrence of side effects but also withdrawal symptoms when the intake is stopped abruptly. Therefore, one must always remember that OxyContin pills are only taken when the patient is suffering from long-term pain. However, those who want to get the effects of the drug quickly to start to abuse the drug or misuse its intake.

How should I indulge in the intake of OxyContin OC 5mg?

Patients buy OxyContin OC 5mg online for the treatment of pain or cough in some cases. However, for your information, let us tell you that OxyContin pills are prescribed to be taken every twelve hours because the pills contain a controlled, time-release formulation of the medication. Although OxyContin OC 5mg is generally prescribed to be taken with a prescription, some patients choose to take the drug by crushing or snorting it to get all the effects at once.

OxyContin OC 5mg side effects

OxyContin OC 5mg has high demand since patients are prescribed to buy OxyContin OC 5mg online whenever they are in pain or having a cough. That’s why we would like to list down the side effects that may occur after the intake:-

  • Constipation
  • Dizziness
  • Drowsiness
  • The mouth starts drying repeatedly
  • Headache
  • Lethargy
  • Tightening of chest

For how long does the traces of OxyContin OC 5mg remain in your system?

The prescribed dose of OxyContin OC 5mg is designed to release Oxycodone, one of the main components of OxyContin pills. It is mainly prescribed to treat the symptoms of pain or cough. Oxycodone generally gets eliminated from this formulation in about four and a half hours or so. If you buy OxyContin OC 5mg online, make sure that you buy it from an online pharmacy that can help by providing you with a prescription.

However, if you buy the drug without a prescription and start its intake, then be ready to face the consequences that will occur after the occurrence of side effects and withdrawal symptoms. That’s why it is also essential to consult a health expert who will diagnose you and tell whether or not to take the drug. You should make sure to buy the medicine only from that online pharmacy that provides a prescription.


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