Shipping Policy

Rates and Shipping Time

Your order and address decide the rate and time of delivery. At times, your postal address may also decide the rate and time of delivery. You can select and choose the delivery mode or you can manage your order and make it qualify for your preferred mode of shipping. The cost calculated for shipping is displayed on the checkout page. You can also edit your order by going back at any stage before you process your payment.

Default Delivery Address

If you are visiting our website for the first time, you can fill in your desired address and make it default. That makes you fast when you order your product next time. You can also edit your default address by clicking ‘Edit’ on the payment page. Any order placed before or after you edit your default address will not be affected.

Shipping Promotions

You can also receive notifications if you choose to subscribe to our mailing service. Special delivery vouchers are offered by us from time to time to make your buying more efficient. It is advised that you visit our site from time to time for getting information about ongoing discounts and offers before you order any product on our website.